Three things to know about “The SooPerb Reality”

This is it 🙂 

One: What is The SooPerb Reality?

The SooPerb Reality represents confident women who cut across the stereotypical idea that a construction site or workshop is no place for a woman. It celebrates wholeheartedly the handful of women globally who choose to pursue carpentry, woodworking or woodcrafts based solely on their love for what they do.

Two: Why have this site?

The SooPerb Reality is an extension of the Facebook group that was created as a platform for members to have the opportunity to network, ask questions, have discussions and share projects. Subsequently, this site was established to create greater awareness of the women in these trades as well as encourage more to join.

Three: Who started it?

This was conceptualized by Tamara, a proudly South African female woodworker with dreams of one day owning her own teaching studio.

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