Sentimental Wood Art – enough said!

Jennifer is one of the kindest most patient people I have ever met. She creates custom wood art that helps people celebrate the birth of a child, the love of a pet, a baptism, their favourite sport or someone they love…

I’m happy to share my interview with her.

Tamara: What does your business mean?

Jennifer Kellner and her husband

Jennifer: It’s about those moments in our lives that are sentimental.

Tamara: Tell me about your woodworking journey

Jennifer: I was a social worker for 17 years, bringing a voice to those who couldn’t speak for themselves. During that time I realized how important it is to celebrate all those special moments in one’s life. In an office of 200 women, I started making custom wooden baby names for all the new mothers. The amount of joy that brought to others and myself is what started me on my woodworking journey.

Tamara: Why did you pursue it?

Jennifer: I have always been crafty, doing homemade gifts for friends and family. It was a way to shut off my brain from the things I would see at work. I loved the joy it would bring to myself and others.

Celebrate by Jennifer Kellner

Tamara: Are you formally trained?

Jennifer: I’m self-taught.

Tamara: Wow. That’s quite an achievement. Is this where you thought you would end up?

Jennifer: This was not in my vision for my future at all. I must say ending up somewhere unexpected is quite fulfilling. Every day I get to experience something new in the most positive way I am very grateful.

Tamara: What were your greatest challenges getting to where you are now?

Jennifer: Taking the leap and changing careers.

Tamara: What causes you stress on the job? How do you handle it?

Jennifer: Something doesn’t quite come out right…Sanding is always the miracle cure. Many projects with a short deadline can cause stress but the detailed planning of workflow helps me get through it.

Tamara: What do you like most about woodworking?

Jennifer: Being able to create something and working with my hands.

Tamara: What advice can you offer other ladies interested in woodworking?

Jennifer: Don’t be afraid to get started.

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