A businesswoman and dedicated partner as well as a mother to four children.

Denise Hiscock is one of the founders of Shop 1929 based in Alberta, Canada. Together with her husband they enjoy taking pieces of reclaimed wood, whether it be from pallets, neighbors discarded fence posts, barn boards, etc… and using them to create something new that someone will enjoy once again.

I am honored to introduce this amazingly talented woman who is having fun and using her woodworking skills and creativity to make beautiful and useful works of art!

Tamara: Tell me about your woodworking journey. 

Denise: The house we moved into 7 years ago had a shop behind the garage, which was the cherry on top for my husband. (He never thought at the time that he’d be sharing it with me!) About 2 years ago, friends of ours were getting married and we made them a wine rack which holds 3-4 bottles of wine and 4 wine glasses. They loved it so much they told us we should sell them…so we thought about that and decided to try it…and since signs had become so popular and there were many I liked myself, I decided to start making hand-painted signs as well!

We then started doing a few craft sales and selling through Facebook, friends, and word of mouth. We brand all of our pieces and have business cards and we get a lot of custom orders from people who see something they like online. We like to bring things to life for people who don’t have the time, the skills or the inclination to make it themselves.

When I’m working on something out in the shop with my music on, I feel like I’m playing! I get to be creative and build something with my own two hands. It feels good to complete something and know that I made it. I take pride in my work…and when someone wants to PAY me for it, well that’s a bonus and I’m grateful for that.

Tamara: Why did you pursue it? Is this where you thought you would end up?

Denise: I’ve always been a creative person and enjoyed ‘making things’ ever since I can remember. So am I surprised that I’m creating signs and home decor items and selling them? Mmmm…no, not really. It just seems a natural extension of a long list of crafty things I’ve enjoyed doing over the past 5 decades.

Tamara: What were your greatest challenges getting to where you are now?

Denise: Honestly, the biggest challenge I face is finding the time to get out in the shop. I work part-time and have a 12 and a 15-year-old at home, 2 cats and a supportive husband.

Tamara: What do you like most about woodworking?

Denise: Taking a piece of wood that was tossed out or previously used and creating something completely new with it. The smell of a nice piece of wood when I cut into it. The depth of grain when I stain or Varathane it. And the feeling I get when a customer expresses their love/appreciation for a piece. I love all these things.

Tamara: What causes you stress on the job? How do you handle it?

Denise: I try not to let things stress me out when I’m in the shop. The whole reason I’m there is because I find it fun. If it stops being fun businesswoman I’ll move on to a different creative outlet.

Tamara: What advice can you offer other ladies interested in woodworking?

Denise: Try it!! Many of us think we can’t do something even before trying it. We’re afraid we might be bad at it. So? Be open to being bad at it. But you just might be good at it, and you’ll probably have fun either way.

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