Let me be blunt if you don’t have Instagram for your business/brand, you’re not the sharpest tool in the toolbox!

If you’re not convinced I dare you to read this – “Top 10 Benefits of Instagram for Business”. Okay, so now that’s out of the way, I can breathe easier… and continue to provide my favourite insight tools for growing your Instagram community. 

Below are 5 free tools for understanding your customer base on Instagram. Why? Because you should be giving them what they want – if they’re not engaged you’re wasting your time. 

1. Instagram Insights

Where to find it: This is available to business accounts directly on Instagram and can only be viewed from your mobile phone. It’s important to note that some features are only provided once you reach 100 followers.

What I love about it: It shows you the activity on your page including how many people visited your profile and how many websites clicks you had over the weekly period. What’s lovely is that it also provides a nice breakdown of your followers (i.e. audience) showing what countries and top cities they’re from as well as when they are likely to engage with your content – this really helps to determine what the best time to post is to ensure optimal engagement with your community.

2. Union Metrics

Where to get it: click here

What I love about it: It tells you exactly when is the best time for you to post to Instagram, who your biggest fan is, what hashtags work best and what you should be doing more (or less) of based on your top posts.

3. Squarelovin

Where to get it: click here

What I love about it: Instead of just providing the best time to post (like Union Metrics does) it shows you the best time to post on a daily basis.

4. Social Baker

Where to get it: click here

What I love about it: Social Baker provides greater detail on your most liked posts and most commented posts. This helps to see where your community engages the most with you – and as they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I find that what’s also helpful is just looking at your post distribution since inception to see whether you’ve been consistent with posting monthly.

5. Gabstas

Where to get it: click here

What I love about it: This tool shows some great performance insight when it comes to overall likes – what’s also nice about this feature is you can filter by the period.

So that’s a roundup of all my favourite free insight tools for Instagram as part of my mission to grow your small business. What other insight tools do you use? What do you find useful about these? Have any questions? Leave a comment below.

Until next time – laters. As always have a wonderful day filled with yummy awesomeness!

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