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I’m so delighted to introduce you to Lauren Cassidy of Loz wood bowl you over… she’s a firecracker – witty, energetic and bursting from creativity.

Somehow she finds time between being a mother to three wonderful girls (Anya-Taichia, Diversity and Phoenyx), a supportive partner to Troy and a fabulous business women. Most of her time she’s a woodturner but she also dabbles in various other creative outlets like jewelry making and light fixtures.

Read more about my interview with her below.

Tamara: Tell me about your woodworking journey.  

I’ve always loved working with wood and really just fell into it. Apart from high school, I have no formal training in woodwork.

Tamara: Can you please tell me about your business?

I use mainly local woods and timbers to create usable art, mainly bowls and chopping boards and a range of kitchenware. I’m a big fan of red gum and work with a bit of resin and love the look of stones against the wood grains.

Tamara: What has been your most rewarding experience as a business owner so far?

Being able to take peoples ideas and adapt them into a product and give them something that they can use and cherish.

Tamara: Is this where you thought you would end up?

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, this is just a beginning of a chapter and time will tell where this journey will take me. I was a fully qualified baker/ chef and pastry chef (I still do the odd cake for my kids and friends).

Tamara: What characteristics/ skills/ attitude do you think you need to be a successful woodturner and businesswomen?

Self-motivated and artistic and imaginative, good time management skills and basic business knowledge is a bonus.

Tamara: What advice can you offer other ladies interested in this trade? 

Just give it a try and ask questions and try different things start small and create what you want to.

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